Carbon activated Omnibus (peram) Filter



  Activated carbon filter is made by loading negative activated carbon on polyurethane substrate. its carbon content is above 60%,and it has good adsorption per formance. it can be used for air purification,removal of volatile organic compounds,dust,smoke,odor
toluene, methanol and other pollutants in the air, it is mainly used in central air conditioning,environmental protection equipment,ventilation system
various air purifiers,air conditioner fans,computer host etc.

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1. Saccharum activated carbo materia fibra filter adhibetur.
2. Strong sucking ability, effectively remove odor and other chemical        pollutants in the air.
3. filtration magna area, bonum evacuatione.

frame Aluminium oxide.
Media: Activated carbon Synthetic fiber.

Efficientiam: 95-98%.
Maximum temperatus: LXX ° F.
Maximum final pressure drop: 400pa.
Maximum relative humiditas, XC%.

model  Location Bags Air flow Pressure drop efficientiam
XGH/8801 595*595*600 6 3400 45 95-98%
XGH/8802 595*495*600 5 2800 45 95-98%
XGH/8803 595*295*600 3 1700 45 95-98%
XGH/8804 595*495*600 6 2800 45 95-98%
XGH/8805 595*295*600 6 1700 45 95-98%

Apicibus: customized secundum speciem elit et elit.

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