Edit How to clean the primary filter

How to clean the primary filter:

First, the cleaning method:

 1. Open the suction grille in the device and press the buttons on both sides to pull down gently;

 2. Pull the hook on the air filter to pull the device out obliquely downwards;

 3. Remove dust from the device with a vacuum cleaner or rinse with warm water;

 4. If you encounter too much dust, you can use a soft brush and a neutral detergent to clean. After cleaning, drain the water and place it in a cool place to dry;

 5, do not use hot water above 50 °C for cleaning, so as to avoid the phenomenon of equipment color or deformation, do not dry on the fire;

 6. After cleaning, be sure to install the equipment on the fashion. When installing, hang the equipment on the protruding part of the upper part of the suction grille, then fix it on the suction grille, and slide the back handle of the suction grille inward. Until the entire device is pushed into the grille;

 7. The last step is to close the suction grille. This is exactly the opposite of the first step. Press and hold the filter signal reset button on the control panel. At this time, the cleaning reminder will disappear.

 8. Also remind everyone that if there is too much dust in the environment used by the primary filter, the number of cleanings should be increased depending on the situation, usually half a year.

 Second, the coarse filter maintenance and maintenance methods

 1. The core part of the filter is the filter core piece. The filter core is composed of a filter frame and a stainless steel wire mesh. The stainless steel wire mesh is a suitable part and needs special protection.

 2. When the filter works for a period of time, certain impurities are precipitated in the filter core. At this time, the pressure drop increases, the flow rate will decrease, and the impurities in the filter core need to be removed in time;

 3. When cleaning impurities, pay special attention to the stainless steel wire mesh on the filter core can not be deformed or damaged. Otherwise, the filter will be installed again. The purity of the filter will not meet the design requirements, and the compressor, pump, instrument and other equipment will be damaged. To destruction;

 4. If the stainless steel wire mesh is found to be deformed or damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately.


Post time: Feb-25-2022