HEPA Air Filter Maintenance Tips

HEPA air filter maintenance is an important issue. Let’s first understand what is a HEPA filter: the HEPA filter is mainly used to collect dust and various suspended solids below 0.3um, using ultra-fine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials as the split plate, made with a HEPA filter frame. Each unit has been tested and has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity.

How to maintain a high efficiency air filter?
1. The HEPA filter is not allowed to tear or open the packaging bag or packaging film by hand before installation. The air filter should be stored in strict accordance with the direction marked on the high-efficiency filter packaging box. During the handling of the HEPA air filter, It should be handled gently and gently to avoid violent vibration and collision.

2. The transportation and storage of the HEPA filter should be placed in the direction of the manufacturer’s mark. During the transportation process, it should be handled gently to prevent severe vibration and collision, and it is not allowed to load and unload.

3. Before the HEPA filter is installed, it must be unpacked at the installation site for visual inspection. The contents include: whether the filter paper, sealant and frame have damaged side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions, and whether the frame has burrs or rust spots. (Metal frame) Whether there is a product certificate, whether the technical performance meets the design requirements, and then inspect according to the method stipulated by the national standard, and the qualified one should be installed immediately.

4. For HEPA filters, the installation direction must be correct: when the corrugated plate combination filter is installed vertically, the corrugated plate must be perpendicular to the ground filter in the vertical connection with the frame, and it is strictly prohibited to leak, deform, break and Leakage, etc., after installation, the inner wall must be clean, free of dust, oil, rust and debris.

5. Inspection method: observe or wipe the white silk cloth.

6. Before the HEPA filter is installed, the clean room must be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned. If there is dust inside the air-conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements, such as installing a HEPA filter in the technical interlayer or ceiling. , the technical layer or the ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped clean.

7. HEPA filter with cleanliness level equal to or higher than Class 100 clean room. Before installation, it should be leaked according to the method specified in “Cleanhouse Construction and Acceptance Specification” [JGJ71-90] and meet the specified requirements.

8. For HEPA filters, when the resistance value of the filter is greater than 450Pa or when the airflow velocity of the windward surface is reduced to a minimum, even after replacing the coarse and medium filter, the airflow speed cannot be increased or when the HEPA filter If there is an unrepairable leak on the surface, a new HEPA filter must be replaced. If the above conditions are not available, it can be replaced once every 1-2 years depending on the environmental conditions.

9. HEPA filter leak detection method, the particle counter sampling head must be inserted into the exhaust static pressure tank (or pipeline) connected to the exhaust HEPA filter (this is different from the scanning leak detection for the air supply high efficiency filter) Because the leak detection side of the air supply HEPA filter is exposed to the room, and the leak detection side of the exhaust air HEPA filter is deep in the static pressure box or the pipeline), the above-mentioned leak detection side of the exhaust HEPA filter can be pressed as described above. The prescribed method is used for scanning leak detection.

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Post time: Dec-03-2018