How can the service life of the air filter be extended?

One, determine the efficiency of air filters at all levels

The last level of air filter determines the cleanliness of the air, and the upstream pre-air filter plays a protective role, making the end filter life longer.

First determine the efficiency of the final filter according to the filtration requirements. The final filter is generally a high-efficiency air filter (HEPA), with a filtration efficiency of 95%@0.3u or more, and a high-efficiency air filter of 99.95%@0.3u ( H13 grade), this class of air filter has high filtration accuracy and corresponding cost is also relatively high, it is often necessary to add a pre-filter protection at the upper end of it. If the efficiency difference between the pre-filter and the high-efficiency air filter is too large, the previous stage will not be able to protect the latter stage. When the air filter is classified according to the European “G~F~H~U” efficiency specifications, a primary filter can be installed every 2 to 4 steps.

For example, the end high-efficiency air filter must be protected by a medium-efficiency air filter with an efficiency specification not lower than F8.

Second, choose a filter with a large filter area

Generally speaking, the larger the filtering area, the more dust it can hold, and the longer the service life of the filter. Large filter area, low air flow rate, low filter resistance, long filter life. The self-developed high-efficiency air filter has the characteristics of high filtration accuracy and low resistance, so it has a longer service life under the same filtration area.

Third, reasonable configuration of filter efficiency in various places

If the filter is dusty, the resistance will increase. When the resistance increases to a certain value, the filter will be scrapped. The resistance value corresponding to the scrap of the filter is called “end resistance”, and the choice of end resistance directly affects the service life of the

Post time: Aug-31-2020