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  • Design and model of HEPA air supply port

    Design and model of HEPA air supply port

    The HEPA air filter air supply port is composed of a HEPA filter and a blower port. It also includes components such as a static pressure box and a diffuser plate.The HEPA filter is installed in the air supply port and is made of cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is sprayed or painted (also us...
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  • Report on adding filter material before the initial filter of the new fan

    Problem Description: HVAC personnel reflect that the initial filter of the new fan is easy to accumulate dust, the cleaning is too frequent, and the service life of the primary filter is too short. Analysis of the problem: Because the air conditioning unit adds a layer of filter material, the air...
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  • Why does the FAB clean room have to control humidity?

    Humidity is a common environmental control condition in the operation of cleanrooms. The target value of relative humidity in the semiconductor clean room is controlled to be in the range of 30 to 50%, allowing the error to be within a narrow range of ±1%, such as a photolithographic area –...
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  • How To Clean The Primary Filter

    First, the cleaning method 1. Open the suction grille in the device and press the buttons on both sides to pull down gently; 2. Pull the hook on the air filter to pull the device out obliquely downwards; 3. Remove dust from the device with a vacuum cleaner or rinse with warm water; 4. If you ...
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