Activated Carbon metal mesh Filter



    Air filtration in public places such as airports and hospitals (such as those in respiratory diseases) and office buildings can effectively remove odors from the air and Museums, archives, libraries and other places. Remove pollutants such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides from the air to protect the collection from damage. It can also be used in the central control room of chemical, petrochemical, steel and other enterprises to protect precision instruments from corrosive gases and semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing enterprises. It removes “molecular-grade pollutants” to improve product quality and protect personnel health.

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1. Good absorption performance, High purification rate.
2. Low airflow resistance.
3. NO dust fall.

Frame: aluminum oxide or carboard.
Medium: activated carbon particle.
Efficiency: 95-98%.
Maximum temperature: 40°C.
Maximum final pressure drop: 200pa.
Maximum relative humidity: 70%.

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