Design and model of HEPA air supply port

Design and model of air supply port

The HEPA air filter air supply port is composed of a HEPA filter and a blower port. It also includes components such as a static pressure box and a diffuser plate.The HEPA filter is installed in the air supply port and is made of cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is sprayed or painted (also used for painting the surface), and the lifting ring, screw or nut is welded on it (for compacting the HEPA filter), Enter the air outlet flange as shown below


The specifications of this conventional HEPA filter air vent are determined by the built-in HEPA filter specifications. Usually, the air supply volume is 500m3/h, 1000m3/h, 1500m3/h, and the built-in HEPA filter is 320. ×320×220, 484×484×220, 630×630×220 (ZEN purification equipment can be customized according to customer’s requirements to produce unconventional models and sizes)

Post time: Oct-20-2021