Activated Carbon Panel Filter



 Activated carbon filter is made by loading negative activated carbon on polyurethane substrate. its carbon content is above 60%,and it has good adsorption per formance. it can be used for air purification,removal of volatile organic compounds,dust,smoke,odor

toluene, methanol and other pollutants in the air, it is mainly used in central air conditioning,environmental protection equipment,ventilation system
various air purifiers,air conditioner fans,computer host etc.

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1. Absorbing odor, filtering air dual function.
2. Small resistance,large filtration area and large air volume.
3. Superior ability to absorb chemical harmful gases.

Frame: Galvanized steel/aluminum alloy.
Medium material: Metal Mesh, Activated synthetic fiber.
Efficiency: 90-98%.
Maximum temperature: 70°C.
Maximum final pressure drop: 400pa.
Maximum relative humidity: 90%.

Activated carbon filter technical parameters

Model Size Efficiency Content Airflow Pressure drop
XGH/2101 595*595*21 90% 4kg 3180 90
XGH/2102 290*595*21 90% 2kg 1550 90
XGH/4501 595*595*45 95% 8kg 3180 55
XGH/4502 290*595*45 95% 4kg 1550 55
XGH/9601 595*595*96 98% 16kg 3180 45
XGH/9602 290*595*96 98% 8kg 1550 45

customized according to customer specification and requirements

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