Report On Adding Filter Material Before The Initial Filter Of The New Fan

Problem Description: HVAC personnel reflect that the initial filter of the new fan is easy to accumulate dust, the cleaning is too frequent, and the service life of the primary filter is too short.

Analysis of the problem: Because the air conditioning unit adds a layer of filter material, the air conditioning unit.

It will increase the certain resistance, resulting in the residual pressure outside the machine is too small, which has a certain impact on the air supply volume of the air conditioner. In order to avoid too much influence on the residual pressure outside the machine, the filter material must be filtered below the G4 (primary filter rating).

Solution: Solution 1. Add a piece of filter cotton in front of the primary filter and fix the four corners on the primary filter. Due to the negative pressure, the filter cotton naturally adsorbs onto the primary filter and then periodically cleans the filter to reduce the number of initial cleanings. After adding the filter cotton, it is necessary to follow up to investigate whether this scheme has an effect on the air supply volume of the air conditioner and the effect of filtration.


Post time: Dec-03-2012