292MM mini-pleated EPA filter E11


Terminal air supply housing,(CL-10K and 100K)
clean equipments,and other installations in cleanrooms.
Exhaust air and safety change housing

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1.Ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper

2.Filtration efficiency is above 99%


Application:Cleanrooms, operating rooms
Media:Glass fiber /wed-laid glass fiber
Frame:Electro zinced sheet
Seanlant:2 component polyurethane
Gasket:polyurethane endless
Filter class:H11
Maximum final pressure drop :500pa
Maximum temperature:70°C
Maximum relative humidity:90%-100%


Specification Size:

TypeBoundary Dimension(mm)Effective Filtration Area

 Type Boundary Dimension(mm) Effective Filtration Area  Pressuer   drop Air Volume Efficiency
XWB/H11-29201 305*610*292 10.8 125 1190 E/H11
XWB/H11-29202 457*610*292 16.2 125 1785 E/H11
XWB/H11-29203 610*610*292 21.6 125 2385 E/H11
XWB/H11-29204 762*610*292 27.0 125 2978 E/H11


Tips: Customized according to customer specifications and requirements

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